Year End Accounts

As your business grows your bookkeeping and accounting requirements also grow with it.

The year-end accounts provide invaluable information about your business and are especially useful if, for example, you wish to make a mortgage application.

We will finalise your Year End accounts and file them online at Companies House, you will never be hit with late fee fine, and you can rest confidently that your accurate accounts will be submitted on time.

As we will work on your financial year end accounts on an ongoing basis as the year proceeds, your tax liability estimate for the year should be no mystery. This will leave you time to concentrate on the affairs of the current financial year.

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, allowing us to prepare your year-end accounts will relieve you of what it is an extremely stressful and time consuming process.

Corporation Tax Return

It is likely that corporation tax returns will need to be filed for those who are running a limited liability company. Company law can be a complex area to understand with its numerous rules and regulations. Incorrect or delayed filing can result in penalties and fines.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through all those deadlines and rules.

Tax returns are issued people with complex tax affairs, but also to individuals who receive:

We help you with any business tax, not only offering advice on how to legally minimize what you pay.

The three main returns currently in use are:

 We will help you to comply with your legal and statutory obligations and will ensure that you are aware of all the available tax-breaks, tax-reliefs and tax-planning incentives so that your overall tax is minimized.

Bookkeeping Services

AAB will provide accurate and comprehensive business bookkeeping services tailored to suit your business needs.

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions. Those transactions include sales, purchases, income, and payments by an individual or organization.

In fact, any process that involves the recording of financial transactions is a bookkeeping process.

We would take care of all of your bookkeeping requirements and, if you wish, we can also prepare regular management accounts.

All businesses are required to keep accurate records for both taxation and VAT (Value Added Tax) purposes, but good bookkeeping practices also benefit the business by:


At Accounting Advice Bureau we will process and submit your VAT returns for you.

If your sales are over £70,000 per annum you will be required to be registered for VAT and, many businesses with smaller turnover could benefit from being VAT registered.

Not only can your VAT registration add credibility to your business, but it can also be advantageous if any of the following situations apply:

Most registered companies simply add VAT, where appropriate, to their sales and pay this over to HMRC after deducting any VAT input tax paid to suppliers.  This is usually dealt with through a quarterly VAT return.

For small businesses this can cause cash flow problems. You may have to pay over VAT added to sales invoices that have still not been paid by your customers.

We can also provide advice about Cash-Flow problem relief products available in the financial market such as Invoice Discounting or Factoring, Stock Finance, Leasing or Asset Based Finance.


Pay as you earn or PAYE refers to a system of withholding of income tax from payments to employees. Amounts withheld are treated as advance payments of income tax due.

They are refundable to the extent they exceed tax as determined on tax returns. PAYE may also refer to withholding of the employee portion of National Insurance or similar social benefit taxes.


If you employ staff then you will have statutory filing deadlines to meet for filing forms and making payments to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Penalties are now issued automatically and arise when employer return forms are submitted late or when the tax and National Insurance deducted from employees' wages is paid late to HMRC.

Employee Benefits

If you provide employees with benefits, for example company cars, be sure to watch out for :

Employers – points of interest


Payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions.

Payroll plays a major role in a company for several reasons:

If you need assistance with your payroll, Accounting Advice Bureau offers a tailor-made service for your company. Whether you need us to provide full payroll service:

Or just require assistance producing your P35, P60 and P11d returns on time.